Our Services

From complex business setups to your average residential account,
we’ve got you covered.

New Construction

Are you constructing or developing a new building? It’s vital to have your internet and phone lines set up right by the providers from the beginning. You don’t want to need to break walls to pull ethernet cables later on. Call ComPro™️ now, thank us later.

Tenant Provider

Are you a landlord with lots of tenants? Your tenants will bug you if their communications aren’t set up right, because hey, they need to communicate too! Good news, leave it to ComPro™️ and your tenants will never bug you again.

IT Partnerships

Attention IT companies; let us handle the nitty gritty phone lines and internet service for your clients so you can focus on the IT. Partner with ComPro™️ and start earning more time and a monthly residual income.
Cut out the frustrations, that comes with setting up communications.

Marketing Agreements

Property Manager? Ready for two words that will make you sleep better at night? Here it is: “Passive Income”. ComPro™️ can arrange marketing agreements with you and service providers like, Optimum, Spectrum, Comcast, etc. that will make you money every month in addition to a one-time door fee for not doing anything. Sounds good huh? Call ComPro™️ to learn more.

Business Communications

Let ComPro™️ get you set up with the best communication providers for your business. From Internet to Phone service, ComPro™️ will be your expert broker in getting you the best service for the best price, with no fee from us.

About us

ComPro™️ is a team of expert brokers getting you set up with the best communication services.

We work hand in hand with all major communication providers, and we get paid directly from them as a broker. With years of communications experience we are able to help our customers get connected with the best communications, for the best price, leaving all the frustrations of dealing with the providers customer service aside.

What We Do

From complex business setups, to your average residential account,
we’ve got you covered.